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“The aurora borealis, known as the northern lights, is one of Earth’s most beautiful and most mysterious natural wonders. In The Nature of Things documentary The Wonder of the Northern Lights, David Suzuki joins an international team of aurora-chasing experts to learn more about them.

Viewing the aurora with the naked eye can be tricky — they often seem dim. But with sensitive cameras, photographers and videographers can capture much brighter images of the lights, revealing their true beauty.

We’ve gathered some of the most stunning footage of the colourful phenomenon.

Aurora in Real Time
Many believe that the northern lights are very slow moving, requiring hours in the cold darkness to view their shimmering movements. But, as these videos show, sometimes these lights can really dance!

Yellowknife, N.W.T. is a hotspot for northern lights due to its northern latitude and location in Earth’s magnetic field. While photo-guide David Yau was showing tourists the beautiful night sky, he was able to capture this incredible (and fast!) display of swirling lights.”
CBC Canada

From CBC- My footage and photos appear January 2019 – View the video here

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