Medical Mercy Cowtown Rodeo 2016

Targeting an Energetic Professional Calgary Crowd anchored by SPE Calgary Membership & Medical Mercy Canada.

This 18+ event includes:  ­­­National Pre-party and pick-up, a 20 min. bus ride to the Girletz Ranch, Authentic Bull Riding Rodeo, live music, bbq burgers/sausage and a choice of Wildhorse, National or Knoxville VIP entrance After-parties.

The Charity

The Karuna Girls College in Lumbini, Nepal, opened its doors in June 2013 with a modest enrollment of 30 students. Today, more than 200 girls attend the school, and in five years, Medical Mercy Canada hopes to enroll 500 girls each year.

The Karuna Girls College focuses exclusively on education beyond elementary school for teenage girls and vocational training for disadvantaged women.

In poor traditional families, girls are not expected to continue past elementary school. They are normally married off & forced to live with and take care of the husband’s family. Parents have to pay large dowries to get their daughters married and thus girls are seen as a burden on the family.

The lack of girls’ education contributes to several systemic problems: lack of basic health; severe malnutrition; family hygiene; ignored medical care and high infant / mother mortality rates.

Apart from offering English, Math, Science and other academic subjects, the school provides basic life skills such as nutrition, family planning, agriculture, and environmental awareness.

Ninety percent of the funds raised at this event will go directly to the Karuna Girls College. To learn more about this cause or the many other projects that Medical Mercy Canada is engaged in, please visit www.medicalmercycanada.org

Canadian Charity# BN 869890541 RR0001

or contact Trevor Ironside (MMC Director & Project Manager for the College)

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