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Night Skies and Northern Lights

Night Skies come Alive in Alberta


Northern Lights

I come alive in the night with the Night skies and the northern lights. Armed with my Nikon and chasing reliable space weather, I wander the rural and mountain areas of Alberta to photograph the elusive, transfixing Aurora Borealis.
View some of my gallery here, where I have assembled some of my favourite shots of the night skies, Milky Way and other Astrophotography. There is something truly magical about the night- the billions of stars, the roving satellites, meteors and the Milky Way add a certain mystique that helps put the entire world in proper perspective.

I love taking people’s portraits under the night skies so be sure to inquire if you’re looking for a dramatic souvenir for visiting out-of-towners, a compelling engagement photo, or standing under the Milky Way.


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