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14 Aug 2020

Meteor Shower Photography

Catching an elusive meteor is harder than one might think. I’ve wanted a shot like this (above) for at least 6 years! However, even while pursuing the most rare of photographic opportunities, there is something to be said for simply witnessing a meteor shower like Perseid’s, and seeing many of these beautiful meteors for yourself, camera or not. Camera settings for meteors are fairly standard- A wireless trigger and a tripod are of course, essential. Next, you will want to […]

17 Jul 2020
24 Jun 2020

The Best Calgary Photographers-

It’s a real honour to be part of this list of Best Calgary Photographers, and I am in the company of some great talent in this city. Calgary is a diverse city with so many beautiful ameneties to offer- in essence, it’s a photographer’s dream. We’re close to turqouise mountain lakes, splendid Rocky Mountains, historic UNESCO sites like Dinosaur Provincial Park, and home to Dark sky regions all over the province! Thank you, Best Calgary Photographers, for this prestigious inclusion! […]

18 May 2020

A City Silenced..

I’ve been wanting to document the absolute stillness that has come about the city, all cities, the feeling of seeing the strange ghost-like silent skyscrapers, the empty LRT platforms. Of hearing no conversations, laughter, car doors slamming, music. A city’s people breathe life into the setting, and it’s an odd feeling to navigate around the empty corridors of urban concrete, barely encountering anyone. Places normally filled with activity and din, are being reclaimed by the birds. Retail display windows are […]

27 Apr 2020
Calgary stampede 2020

My Hometown- Calgary

I would like to talk about my hometown for a moment, if you’ll indulge me. In the wake of the Calgary Stampede 2020 being cancelled. Calgary. Cowtown. YYC. (We pronounce it “Calgree”) Sometimes for a city and it’s people to really shine, they must overcome the greatest of adversity. It is the style and manner in which that’s done that truly defines the people of a city, I think. What we will be facing is an opportunity to really be […]

19 Mar 2020

Staying at Home during Covid-19- Resources and Online Work

I’ve been so immersed in the information side of this Covid 19 situation we all find ourselves in, in reaction I’ve decided to put up a blog post to streamline and improve your habits in working remotely, that I can evolve and change daily as the content comes my way. There will be a lot of people looking for work in the coming days, so why not get familiarized with the remote options out there? Get on with some Covid […]

27 Feb 2020

Alberta’s Incredible Snowy Owls

 (Originally published in PhotoNews magazine) Known to be territorial with both their breeding ground as well as their wintering homes, once you spot a snowy owl it’s quite likely you will find them in that same 2 km radius again. These elegant birds are creatures of habit. For this reason, I used the BirdsEye app to further my hunt and, as a keen Calgary wildlife photographer, I drop GPS pins in the areas in which I spot them. Known to […]

18 Nov 2019

Citizen Science, Auroras and STEVE

As an invited speaker at the 2019 Aurora Summit in Wisconsin this past November, I was thrilled to speak about my project with UC Berkeley and the spectra lens on loan from NASA.

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