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Astrophotography Portfolio Feature- December 2019- PhotoNEWS Magazine

Bow Lake milky way
Bow Lake with the Milky Way core rising

Firstly, thank you for stopping by and visiting my site. I’m always happy to answer any questions, or offer more detailed pricing information be it prints or photography classes you’re most interested in.

From a News standpoint, I’m excited to report that in December 2019 I will have my astrophotography portfolio featured on the cover and inside PhotoNEWS Magazine, available in retail stores across Canada and online. I’ve included an excerpt from my feature here.

When I head out, many times I enjoy being alone. As a seasoned Aurora chaser, I have my secret spots- places I’ve spotted during the day driving the countryside, dropping a Google pin so I can find them to aid my composition in the dark of night. If the activity is going to be particularly strong, my willingness to drive further can include the Kananaskis area or heading east towards the majestic hoodoos which give an otherworldly feel to my photos. The app PhotoPills is essential for planning my shots- whether it’s determining how to place the rising harvest moon against the old barn I’ve found or using its extensive features to provide insight into when ill get the maximum exposure time in for Milky way core. Its planner tool has become invaluable to my shot planning. Spaceweatherlive.com is my go-to when evaluating the active aurora data- watching for telltale signs of possible shows. “

The northern lights just outside of Calgary.

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