A Love Affair with the Rockies

Alberta Rockies- At least 75% of the air I’ve breathed in my entire life has been the best crisp, Alberta rocky mountain air. Whenever possible, I’ve let the lure of these majestic prominences lure me closer. Bringing me to their faces, to their lakes, to their views and its never quite enough. To visit without one’s camera, well, it just seems a mistake!

As one drives back towards the urban wasteland, watching those beautiful snow-capped peaks recede in the mirror, your Albertan heart aches perceptively. Moving about one’s work week, they act as a landmark for navigation as we move about the city. Always bringing up the west in sharp, shadowed elegance, the first sight of them one catches arriving by air inevitably brings a gasp, if not a sense of longing and pride. As arches of Chinook air form over their ridges, a view oft taken for granted will still stir some hope for warming air, radiating with promise.

On the warmest days, they look almost desert-like, with sheets of vibrant pink, layered skies closing out the day. On cold winter nights, Alberta’s rockies showcase chilly, clear skies draped with twinkling stars and airglow, and auroral light when fortune is high. Warm summer nights bring meteor showers of stars diving into their valleys, and colourful bands of aurora dancing over the barely-darkened skies. Spring days push violent storm cells against their backs, as they usher large storms in towards the East. Summer’s forest fire smoke creeps over like orange fingers, draping the beauty in a orangey, sepia cover.

Beloved and dangerous, imposing and inviting, nothing stirs me quite like these formidable mountain ranges, and the life they hold within. This is my Alberta.

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An internationally published travel, night sky and lifestyle photographer currently based in Calgary. Christy will be traveling to Bordeaux, France in fall 2018 to photograph a 10-day organic wine harvest as a photographer representing Canadian artists!
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