My Hometown- Calgary

I would like to talk about my hometown for a moment, if you’ll indulge me. In the wake of the Calgary Stampede 2020 being cancelled.

Calgary. Cowtown. YYC. (We pronounce it “Calgree”)

Sometimes for a city and it’s people to really shine, they must overcome the greatest of adversity. It is the style and manner in which that’s done that truly defines the people of a city, I think. What we will be facing is an opportunity to really be agile, strong and dynamic. Supporting each other will be our greatest tool in getting through this.

Regardless of your stance on the events of the Stampede itself, as a Calgarian you have to acknowledge it’s incredible ability to bring us together as Calgarians for 10 days in our jeans, cowboy boots, and all kinds of local tradition. Tradition that has evolved for over 100 years already. The diverse people it has attracted to our city are in the millions, and the development that has happened in Calgary as a result of this powerful economic driver has helped evolve this into a very attractive town, with a lovely skyline and a hell of a Rocky mountain backdrop. We’ve got the northern lights and mountain glory in our backyard. People have always remarked about the friendliness of Calgarians, and if you’ve ever lived elsewhere you can recognize it yourself when you’re back; the little waves in traffic when someone lets you in, the chatting in grocery store line-ups, the politeness you find everywhere in all sectors. It’s a little extra special here in Calgary, trust me.

Regardless of your political stance or feelings about the energy industry, you cannot ignore how it has either directly or indirectly benefited, and therefore fed, clothed and supported countless Calgary families by means of this responsibly-led industry generated out of Alberta and trickling down to so many others.The quality of life found in Calgary has allowed us to attract some of the finest healthcare, scientific, educational, entrepreneurial and technological talent to build our economy and care for its people.

When crisis hits Canada, Calgarians, and in fact, Albertans-we are consistently among the first to be responsive, generous, selfless wherever we can help. Uniting in disaster is second nature here, without a second thought. The flood in 2013 demonstrated the absolute best in Calgary’s citizens and the city has always managed to hold on to that small-town feel. Calgarians give time,money even when they have precious little extra themselves. Throughout this Covid19 crisis, Calgarians are most definitely going out of their way to drive their dollars to businesses owned locally, evolve and adapt, and respect the effort asked of us by our government.

We are poised to face on of the most difficult times this city (and indeed province) have seen in nearly a century- so today I just wanted to share some images of Calgary at her absolute best. We’ve got this, YYC. Love ya! #yyc #Calgarystrong #Calgary

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