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Category : _Photographic Experiences

02 Jan 2021

Covid 19 and Creativity- A Lookback on 2020

Covid-19 and Creativity- A Photographic Lookback A gloriously timed shot of the Cold Moon and a Snowy Owl. Dec 2020 Covid-19 changed our world immensely, and in many ways, certainly forever. The impact it had on the creatives of the world was unprecedented, but not all of it was negative!  As an artist (who works in IT full time), I had the additional challenge of  going through this pandemic as someone living alone. Being a social butterfly, I wither up […]

14 Aug 2020

Meteor Shower Photography

Catching an elusive meteor is harder than one might think. I’ve wanted a shot like this (above) for at least 6 years! However, even while pursuing the most rare of photographic opportunities, there is something to be said for simply witnessing a meteor shower like Perseid’s, and seeing many of these beautiful meteors for yourself, camera or not. Camera settings for meteors are fairly standard- A wireless trigger and a tripod are of course, essential. Next, you will want to […]

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