Christy Turner-Photographic Achievements

Calgary event & nature photographer

Born and raised in Calgary, travel photographer Christy Turner is a nature-loving, night skies photographer with a passion for the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights).  Living in the beautiful province of Alberta affords Christy the opportunity to photograph endless stunning landscape and wildlife opportunities, and her thirst for travel has taken her to more than 74 countries photographing the sights along the way. Her images have been widely published in Canada, USA and Europe and she loves sharing the stunning beauty of her surroundings with many. Her award-winning images showcase the aurora borealis and night skies, beautiful landscape travel photography and her extensive work with people and portraits.  Whether it’s photographing a wine harvest in Bordeaux, a photographic safari in Kenya, or capturing an intimate wedding in Emerald Lake, Christy loves to travel for photography, enquire within! Using her photos of sub auroral arcs (or STEVE), Christy is a noted Calgary aurora chaser and storm chaser, and actively contributes to space physics research in an ongoing project with UC Berkeley. An explorer, citizen scientist and artist all define Christy’s work.  As an astrophotographer, she’s traveled to Iceland, the Yukon and other northern destinations to get up close and personal with this phenomenon of nature. Check out the Telus documentary Chasing Steve, a film that portrays Christy’s involvement with Alberta’s aurora chasers and scientific community, who have partnered in their obsession with the sky. Christy’s compelling images have been published in Canadian Geographic, Our Canada/Reader’s Digest, EarthSky.org, CNN, The Nature of Things, and Huffington Post. Ms Turner will be speaking as a panel guest at the 2019 International Aurora Summit in Wisconsin, USA.

Fall 2018, Christy landed a prestigious photographic documentary assignment, traveling to the Pauillac region of Bordeaux, France to photograph a 10 day, organic wine harvesting process at an 18th century wine estate that continues to do everything by hand. Many of these dreamy and once-in-a-lifetime images were used for 2019 marketing materials to wine sommeliers and suppliers throughout the world who visit this prestigious and historic vineyard in the years to come. The Tesseron family, owners of Chateaux Pontet-Canet continue to adhere to a tradition of bringing in a photographer from a different country each year to document this harvesting period.

Christy shoots all her images with her incredible Nikon cameras D750, D810 and D850, and is a Tamron lens fan. She also flies a Phantom DJI Mavik Pro drone with a GoPro6, and relies heavily on Manfrotto tripods for her night photography and landscapes.


Earthsky.org image of the Day- Sept 2019

Journal of Geophysical Research Letters, Space Physics CoAuthor- Color Ratios of Subauroral (STEVE) Arcs

Fast Company Interview-Copypants (USA) 2018

1st Place Winner/Cover, Dec 2016 Readers Digest Our Canada (CAN) 2016

Breakfast TV Interview, Calgary Aurora Chasing

CNN Ireport, Shown on TV/North America-CNN News- Featured on Web Frontpage CNN’s Travel Photo of the Day on February 26, 2015.

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Photographer Profile-Behind the Lens, Weather Network Canada 2016

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