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30 Apr 2019

A Love Affair with the Rockies

Alberta Rockies- At least 75% of the air I’ve breathed in my entire life has been the best crisp, Alberta rocky mountain air. Whenever possible, I’ve let the lure of these majestic prominences lure me closer. Bringing me to their faces, to their lakes, to their views and its never quite enough. To visit without one’s camera, well, it just seems a mistake! As one drives back towards the urban wasteland, watching those beautiful snow-capped peaks recede in the mirror, […]

11 Apr 2018
Calgary night photographer Auburn bay photographer

Chasing Aurora – Sorry, Steve, you’re actually a Sub Auroral Arc!

Aurora Chasing and Sub Auroral Arc Sub Auroral Arcs- Not so New Aurora boreali and Sub Auroral Arcs- For most Canadians, night time means winding down, getting ready for bed and calling it a night. Not so with a passionate group of northern lights chasers, scattered throughout Alberta, Manitoba, and BC and even some dedicated northern US folks too. Aurora Chasers, as they’ve affectionately come to be called, are heading out into the dark prairie night, in search of the […]

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