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My international travel photography and my travels have consisted of a mix of both business and pleasure. In my late twenties, I sought job options that matched my career goals, but that would also permit me to see as much of the world as possible.

For each business trip internationally, I always tried to schedule time in to explore wherever I was being sent. Grabbing a rental car, a reliable GPS and some courage, I’d sometimes drive around for hours, pulling over to grab compelling images, talk to an intriguing local, or sample some local (and sometimes crazy looking) cuisine. Mixing with locals was always my goal- and sites like Airbnb, Couchsurfing and other websites like this permit such connection. Asking a local for their favourite coffee shop, best place to have local seafood, etc not only engages the person who is likely proud to speak up about their hometown, and also helps to foster a greater connection with them. As many times I was a solo female traveler, I always had to keep my safety in mind and trust my gut instincts. I recall getting picked up at the Train station by my couchsurfing hosts in Rome and feeling slightly anxious that things would work out ok. By having done my research into my hosts (discovering they worked for Greenpeace) was comforting, and the rating systems supplied by these websites also further advance your peace of mind when it comes to crashing with the locals!

Social media groups can be invaluable sources of information, and none moreso for females than GLT, or Girls Love Travel. With almost 500k in members, it’s likely you’re going to find someone who lives in your upcoming travel destination, or connect with other wanderlusting friends who have already been! I always try to do my research well before arriving- arming myself with knowledge on local customs, societal expectations, local fare to put on my must-try list, and historic or especially beautiful photographic sites are all part of my pre-research. I always adhere to the When in Rome, do as the Romans do as this is of utmost importance when mixing with cultures that contain substantially different customs to that of my own.

I hope you enjoy my international travel photography images shown here. Many more images to come so check back often!